I had the chance to stay here in late November 2016, and my first impact was the kind welcome of a nice receptionist, which with exquisite means had me understand that my booking was for another day … so he guided me in paying a difference and assigned me to a room, maybe 3 stars level for its look and extras (like a room kettle) but for sure not for the smell and bathroom: the mix of refurbished and original items would move the rating of this place to maximum a 3 stars hotel.

Breakfast was indeed fine, served in a large and sunny basement-level room next to a beautiful and large hotel hall.

At last i need to say i had an “Average” experience here, probably not worth the list price, but with some minor refurbishing this hotel could be brought up to the standard quality of a Best Western hotel.

My Suggestion is to pass by this place using last minute or season offers.

November 30th, 2016
Marco Piagentini

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Marco Piagentini

Informatico dal 1981, Telematico dal 1988, Sistemista IT dal 1994 ed OT dal 2005, Strumentista dal 2005. DJ dal 1986, Fotografo dal 1994, Reporter della Gospa dal 2001 Runner dal 1979, Nuotatore dal 1980, Triatleta dal 2007, Quadratleta dal 2019


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