I was passing by Udine along a business trip and needed a place for an overnight stay: Found this one for a good price on booking.com very near to a place I needed to visit for business, and I was amazed to be put in a double room as singles where sold out: 4 star hotel room with ancient furniture next to a 4 star level bathroom in a recently restructured rural house! Breakfast was instead “in line” with a standard b&b treatment, but the keeper was so kind in welcoming me in late evening and then serving me the breakfast personally. One of the key features of the place is being able to enter back the building at any time with a practical NFC card which opens the room as well. November 29th, 2016 Marco Piagentini
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Marco Piagentini

Informatico dal 1981, Telematico dal 1988, Sistemista IT dal 1994 ed OT dal 2005, Strumentista dal 2005. DJ dal 1986, Fotografo dal 1994, Reporter della Gospa dal 2001 Runner dal 1979, Nuotatore dal 1980, Triatleta dal 2007, Quadratleta dal 2019


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