I decided to pass a night in this nice Hotel as a last minute booking because booking.com offered a very interesting last minute price.

With my surprise I was welcomed by a very kind night keeper by 10 PM, I was immediately “guided” to my room, and then she offered to open me at any time I was pleased to be back.

The room was clean and “Really” 3 stars level, with no old style” items mixed with refurbished ones at all, which is typical for old hotels in this area.

I will be back for sure in most of my North->South business trips as the hotel is not far from the Highway and Padova itself.

Let me just remark once again the kindness and professional attitude of the night keeper which was superior compared to many 4 stars hotels I visited in my life!

November 28th, 2016
Marco Piagentini


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Marco Piagentini

Informatico dal 1981, Telematico dal 1988, Sistemista IT dal 1994 ed OT dal 2005, Strumentista dal 2005. DJ dal 1986, Fotografo dal 1994, Reporter della Gospa dal 2001 Runner dal 1979, Nuotatore dal 1980, Triatleta dal 2007, Quadratleta dal 2019


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